Our professional experience has come to an end and I am really excited to return to the school again for my next placement! I am so glad I have finally found something I love doing everyday. It gives me a smile every day thinking it is what I will do every day after I graduate next year!!!

Throughout my placement I noticed some people stating it was hard to imply ICT’s into their learning experiences.  I came across a blog and it stated the difficulties they were having. You can view it here!
I seemed to be a very lucky Prac student who used ICT in every lesson, because it was a daily routine for this classroom! I had the interactive whiteboard, music, videos, online activities, macbook sessions and recordings in many of the lessons I was teaching, I was so lucky that this was the preps daily routine activities ( using ICTs to enhance their learning skills)! 
What an amazing mentor I had, she didn’t notice how much they actually use ICT resources everyday until I explained what ICT resources can be! 
I noticed they mentioned HPE was hard with ICT as well and I completely agree ( however ) did you know the use of a stop watch is classified as an ICT resource! Maybe make a lesson where students will be timed with the stop watch or include stop watches in groups where they time their best running time or something they are learning in HPE at the time. 

As I stated in my last post, I used a lot of online resources only because this was a set structure plan for the prep student so this was a requirement that I had to incorporate as it was schools policy! So i believe I was very lucky however looking at the online resources that I had to use, they were really engaging and education for the students ( especially Prep)! Sunshine online was an everyday resource when the students were introduced to a new letter during English, and the students loved learning through this page and they achieved my mentors requirements for their learning. 
Sunshine online also allowed students to read books, spell words, find missing letters and many more things that could be added to their English curriculum learning. 

How have you enjoyed your placement? 

Now for me to get straight into Assignment 3 and complete Part D!!!!


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